Terms and Conditions


- must not be distracted or disturbed unnecessarily
- is not allowed to exceed the speed limit of 100 km/h
- is not allowed to deviate from the route without prior confirmation of Vtt authorized personnel
- is not allowed to drive on roads / terrain that is not suitable or safe for coaches
- is not allowed to use hand-held mobile phone while driving
- reserves the right of entry to those under the influence of alcohol

- are not allowed to smoke in the coach
- are not allowed to consume any alcoholic beverages on the coach
- are not allowed to stand on steps or in the aisle while the coach is moving
- are not allowed to place heavy or sharp objects in the overhead compartment

- Firearms or weapons in general are not allowed on the coach
- The driver's instructions must be adhered to at all times
- Only the driver will adjust all electronics and comfort accessories according the the passengers requests

Please use the coach and its equipment with care and respect so as to ensure your fellow passengers enjoy the same levels of safety, cleanliness and comfort. With your support we will be able to ensure the highest standards - in the long run.


Terms of Payment:
30 % of total invoice amount to secure booking
Balance / Total invoice amount due 7 days prior to departure.


Cancellation 30 days prior to departure
No Cancellation Fee
Cancellation 8 to 29 days prior to departure
30% of total invoice amount
Cancellation 4 to 7 days prior to departure
50% of total invoice amount
Cancellation < 3 days prior to departure
100% of total invoice amount



Safe Travel for our clients and passengers is of utmost importance to us.
Our vehicles are chosen for their high safety standards and are equipped with seat belts and fire extinguishers.
Through regular servicing and maintenance 100% road fitness is guaranteed, ensuring traveling without any delays or other inconveniences.

Our fleet is maintained by Canary Truck Service Fleet Management Services, adhering to  the manufacturers' service intervals, using only agents' original service and spare parts.

All vehicles are comprehensively insured, covered by a R100 million passenger liability insurance. All vehicles are registered and licensed and in possession of a valid road worthy certificate and operating permit at all times.

The emphasis on professionalism we place on our fleet is also reflected by our drivers, all of whom are fully trained, reliable, punctual, smartly dressed and friendly. Additional to the required drivers licenses and public driving permits, our drivers are trained to perform basic fault finding and maintenance on the road.

In the event of unforeseen problems during the trips, our service provider Canary Truck Service Fleet Management has an extensive network throughout South Africa and can attend to any vehicle in any place within 4 hours
Vtt understands the importance of going the extra mile and therefore we cater  for the specific needs of our customers. We supply accessories such as baby and  toddler car seats, luggage trailers, city and road maps as well as non-alcoholic drinks at an extra cost, subject to prior notice and availability.


We know that any company, especially in  the transport industry, is only as good as it's employees.

Highest Comfort and Safety levels of our fleet is a precondition in our industry. In order to grow further, we either have to be the cheapest or the best in our market segment.

Vtt is trying to achieve both.

We are convinced that it is possible to achieve this when the focus is placed in the right areas. Our personnel, from Operations to Drivers, are continuously trained, friendly and motivated.

All our staff benefits from the company's success, not only with annual bonuses depending on the company's results, but also with monetary incentives as a result of safe driving and positive feedback from our clients.




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